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“Since 2000, we've kept our promises to our customers, not our investors and we will keep on doing just that!" - Eddie Haro, President & Founder

change how you

power your home
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Your trusted local choice for solar & battery Installations 24 years and counting
While we extend our services to other sales and asset management companies for installations and maintenance, all internal projects are exclusively handled in-house. We firmly believe that this approach ensures quality and delivers an exceptional experience to our customers from start to finish. – Alex Haro | CEO
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Solar Power

Harness the sun’s energy with our cutting-edge solar power solutions, providing sustainable and cost-effective electricity for your home or business.

Home Battery

Ensure energy independence and security with our advanced home battery systems, storing excess energy for use during peak times or emergencies.

EV Chargers

Charge your electric vehicle quickly and conveniently at home with our expert EV charger installations, making sustainable transportation hassle-free.

Whole-House Fans

Keep your home cool and comfortable year-round with our efficient whole house fan installations, providing effective ventilation and energy savings.

Operations & Maintenance

Ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your solar system with our comprehensive operations and maintenance services, keeping your investment running smoothly.

Build Partner

Partner with us to integrate solar solutions seamlessly into your construction projects, adding value and sustainability to your developments.

Complete Solar & Battery Service Offering

In order to best serve our customers and ensure we provide the ultimate service experience, we had to perfect a few steps of the process. When choosing to work with us, we take care of everything in order for you to have a worry-free experience.

Site Assesment

Our seasoned Site Inspectors gather comprehensive data upfront, ensuring seamless project development and timely delivery.


Our experienced system designers meticulously consider all project aspects and customer requests for optimal design outcomes.


Our team of engineers meticulously reviews and approves each system, ensuring compliance with local authority expectations.


Our permitting staff collaborates closely with Planning, Building & Safety, and Fire authorities to secure all necessary permits for every project.


The ElectriCare, Inc. installation teams boast extensive experience, capable of tackling any project with professionalism, cleanliness and courtesy from start to finish.


Our internal inspectors ensure that your project receives approval from all necessary authorities. They also provide detailed explanations on how your new system operates.


The ElectriCare office staff is dedicated to assisting you with all paperwork necessary for your utility to interconnect your new solar system, providing guidance every step of the way.


With our extensive tenure in the industry, we recognize the significance of a meticulously crafted project, warranty and maintenance contract.

In order to deliver top-tier solar systems, we’ve forged partnerships with the industry’s finest. Our product selection is meticulously curated, considering production, aesthetics, feasibility, and warranty. Even after 24 years in the industry, we remain selective in choosing equipment manufacturers. Our primary goal is to provide unmatched value to our customers.

Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Please take the time to read about the experiences our previous customers had with us. Some of these are new, from this year, and others date back to the early 2000’s. Reviews can also be found on Google, Yelp and many other platforms.

In the event you’re asking yourself why we have so few reviews relative to other companies on review websites, the answer is simple – we don’t pay customers to leave reviews.

Emerson Anderson
Creative Heads Inc.

Electricare performed all aspects of the solar panel installation perfectly. The contract was clear and concise. They provided all the paperwork necessary for the City Building and Safety Department and Southern California Edison. They liaised flawlessly with both entities. I am only waiting for SCE to authorize the system to be energized.

Lillian Wilson
Creative Heads Inc.

Work was done quickly and professionally. There was good communication throughout our project. System is working great! Electricare has been very responsive to all of our inquires and have provided timely answers to all of our questions.

Shelly B.
Recommended Temecula Solar Company

” As a Real Estate Broker in the Temecula Valley, I see a lot of solar panels. solar leases, etc. that my clients have received. When my own family decided it was time for us to go solar, we turned to ElectriCare. We could not be happier. Eddie and his team personally oversaw every detail that needed to be addressed. Our electric bill went from an average of $450/mth. to under $10 a month! The panels are the top of the line. The installation was fast and easy. Compared to the horror stories I have heard from my clients on their solar experience, ours could not have been better. I will recommend (and insist!) on ElectriCare for any of my clients, family or friends as I trust in their total professionalism and honesty during the entire process. “

Mark V.
Solar Installation Customer in Temecula

” Great service from ElectriCare. Everyone I dealt with was extremely professional. They did what they said they would do, and when they said they would do it. And based upon feedback from users that I spoke to before proceeding, these guys support the products they install. So I expect years of problem free solar power. I would highly recommend using them. “

Ken and Onzal Boles
Menifee Solar Customer

” We were excited when we made the decision to have solar, but didn’t know exactly what to expect regarding the installation. ElectriCare was the company contracted for our install. They explained everything we should expect during the install. There were no surprises. They were timely, clean and neat with the equipment, and followed up with more than one visit after the job was completed.
We have been very happy with ElectriCare and have recommended them to others for any electrical needs. “

Gabe N.
Temecula, CA Solar Customer

” I just had my system installed last month and I can’t be any happier with the system that they designed and installed for me. Everything was as professionally explained and installed as promised. Thank you Electricare, now I just watch my meter spin backwards.  I really recommend ELECTRICARE for their professionalism and hard work.”

San Diego Solar Customer

” So I decided to go solar.  I met up with the representative from Solar City, Electricare, and Sun Solar.  I decided to go with Electricare for several reasons.  First, Arron was awesome.  He was a bit goofy, but in a good way.  He was very knowledgeable and  provided me with great service.  There was no mystery with him.  I knew exactly what equipment I got and how much I was going to pay for it.  I wanted to know what panels I was quoted so I can do my research on it.  When I ask the rep from Solar City what panels he was quoting me for he just said, “Top quality panels and very efficient.” He does not even know what panels he was quoting me for and the rep from Sun Solar tried selling me some discontinued Mitsubishi panels.  Arron quoted me on LG Neon 2 panels.  I did my research and found they were great panels from online forums, customer and expert reviews.  Arron did not pressure me into signing.  I told him I was looking at two other companies and he actually told me it was a great idea and I should should look at other companies before taking the plunge.  He told me he was confident about Electricare’s service, price, and product.”

Carlos and Clarissa Cardoso
Cypress Solar Customer

” Earlier this year we decided we were going to have solar installed at our home. We were new to solar and wanted to make sure we selected the right company. We meet with 3 companies and received 3 separate quotes.  The 3 companies were Solar City, Infinity Solar and ElectiCare.  We decided to go with ElectriCare mainly because of the sales representative.  He was amazing, he answered all of our questions and actually knew a lot about solar, not like other sales reps. He explained the entire process and prepared us for what to expect. The installation went smoothly, the work crew was clean, neat and very respectful. As of today, we are very happy with ElectriCare, our friends just recently used them for their solar installation as well.  Aaron really went out of his way to make sure we were 100% completely satisfied with the process. “

Anaheim Solar Customer

“We worked with Electricare about a year ago to install our Solar. They communicated with us throughout the process and even worked with a subcontractor to get some work done on our roof that was required before installing the panels. I was extremely pleased with their work and the subcontracted who has worked with many solar companies even gave me a second opinion and said the install looked great! The reason I’m writing this review however is that a year after the install I noticed that one of the panels was producing only about 5% of its expected output. I feel like the true test of a company is how they treat their customers when resolving issues and how quick to resolve issues their customer support is. I emailed Electricare at 8pm on a Sunday night and by noon the following day they had identified the issue with the under-performing panel and had scheduled a technician to come out to replace a bad optimizer at no cost to me. Having Electricare be so on the ball with repairing this issue has made me feel really happy in my decision and decision to go with them for solar.”

Tom and Pat Stodola
Ontario Customer

My wife and I are not high users of electricity. When we asked Eddie to install a PV system on our home it was not for the economics, but rather to become part of the solution. After three years – SURPRISE! It looks like a terrific investment for the economics! We couldn’t be happier about our leap of faith with the decision. I always tell folks the solar decision is one that pays off big time if you can look beyond today. The folks at ElectriCare took great care of us from the paperwork with the State and our city, through to the installation and permit process. We felt like an important customer.

Lee Widrig
Lake Forest Customer

About the Investment: Having the photovoltaic panels installed was less expensive than I thought it would be after reviewing some of the prices listed on the internet and receiving the rebates and tax credits. Knocking off the top tiers of my electric bill has saved me a great deal of money over the years and I’ve used the savings to install other cost effective improvements. Was it worth it? The value is twofold as I not only save on my electric bill, but I have bragging rights regarding the reduction of my carbon footprint. On ElectriCare Service: Not only was the installation done quickly, but the pergola, that houses the panels, was installed to code and at cost, saving me added expense. The installers were courteous and kept their area clean while they worked. I am completely satisfied with ElectriCare. Alex, the representative, reviewed my yearly use and suggested the size of my platform, which turned out to be perfect for my family’s needs.

Michael Huber
Murrieta Customer

With my system, I generate approx. 500 kwhrs per month.  My rough calculations say that I am getting about a 9% return on my investment (ROI) of $20k.  Since it is a tax free ROI, I think that it is one of best performing investments that I have. I am very satisfied with my solar installation. The work was done very professionally and all my requests after installation were handled quickly and to my satisfaction.”

Jack Ravin
Irvine Customer

I shopped around for over a year and after watching my electric bill skyrocket every month we decided to invest in solar. We’ve had our solar panels for almost 3 years. My average electric bill has been $500 a year where it was over $2500 prior. We were treated very well. Alex was always on time, he stayed involved for 6 months after the installation was up and running to be sure we were satisfied. The installation took half a day to install 20 panels. The project was inspected and signed off within a week. We have had no problems with it. Our real estate agent told us it added $40,000 to the value of the home.

Ron and Joyce Miller
Orange Customer

Ron and I love our solar panels. We now have 60 and we are making 50+ kWh a day. This month when we got our bill the electric company actually owed us money. Sweet. The thing I love about ElectriCare is if you have a question or concern they respond immediately. They are honest and trustworthy. In this day that is a real find.

Redlands Customer

About the Investment: I have been thrilled with the investment. I have a large house in a hot climate. ElectriCare worked with me to right size my system to provide the best payback, given the nature of the utility rates. The system has substantially reduced my electric bill and eliminated the highest cost electricity in the upper tiers of the rates. Aside from feeling good about the savings, I feel good about doing something positive for the environment.Was it worth it? I’ve had the system since May of 2006 and it’s been worth every penny. On ElectriCare Service: ElectriCare has been one of the best contractors I have ever worked with. I continuously recommend them to my colleagues and friends. All In All, were you satisfied? 100% If you knew beforehand what you know now about ElectriCare and solar in general, would you do it all over again: Absolutely! “

Paul Jacobs
Paul Jacobs

ElectriCare installed our solar in 2008 and we pay less than $100 per YEAR for electricity! When our inverter failed some years back, it was under warranty and replaced at zero cost. It’s so nice to work with a reputable and reliable company! That experience seems too rare these days. ElectriCare gets 5 stars! “

Ken and Onzal Boles
Menifee Solar Customer

Very happy with the experience from start to end. Alex is very knowledgeable and helped me understand much better the entire solar process. He answered all my questions and had all the numbers down for an easy decision. Honest estimate, no unnecessary upsell, very professional company and great customer service! 100% recommended!

Shelly B.
Recommended Temecula Solar Company

When completed, it was as they said it would be. The results were great. A job well done. Thanks

Recommended Temecula Solar Company

I highly recommend ElectriCare, Inc if you need to install solar system in your house. I am very pleased with them and the process involved in my the solar project. They clearly explained what the process and the timeline will be. I am included in all aspects of the solar project thru email, text and voice. Just be aware. Patience is required especially with timeline in getting approvals on permits, from city and electric company, which ElectriCare, Inc has no control. But ElectricCare is on top of this permit issues by following up and making sure the permits get approved in the shortest time possible. Outstanding customer service. Very professional. Highly recommended for solar install project.

Jamie Diaz
Recommended Temecula Solar Company
Electricare offers the latest and greatest solar systems. The whole team was very easy to work with. Installers were very knowledgeable and performed a clean install. Arlene was my main contact and handled everything professionally and efficiently. Thank you!
Gregory Quarles
Recommended Murrieta Solar Company

The last week in May 2022, I started the solar purchase process thru Edison. They gave my 3 companies to choose from and I chose Electricare in Murrieta, CA because they had the lowest price the newest Q Cells Panels SolarEdge Inverters best 25 years warrantees and Great Reviews. Two weeks later after signing docs they had pulled city permits and had them approved waiting for me for my association approval. The last week in June two installers and one electrician were here, about 6hrs later done installing my system. The next day the electrician was here at 8am waiting for my city inspector to sign off on the system…which he did. They also explain why my panels shouldn’t all be on the back side of the house (like I wanted) for maximum energy consumption.

I’m glad I chose ElectriCare in Murrieta, CA, they are a small company, and they are true professionals in the business for over 15 years, they also give the Best Customer Service Price Warrantee and Product.

Ben Day
Solar Customer

Electricare worked hard to get my solar panels installed quickly and professionally. They are very knowledgeable about the complex permitting processes and know how to make the building inspectors happy!

Meliton Contreras
Menifee Solar Customer

This Company was very professional, Excellent Workmanship, transparent and very clean!!! Price for my solar panels was Amazing, I received a 240 dollar check from Edison at the end of the year even though I run my A/C around the clock in the summer!

Rich Simpson
Menifee Solar Customer

Electricare did an excellent job! The process from start to finish was smooth and much quicker than I expected, especially with the COVID delays. The CEO, Alex, himself was in regular contact with us, answered all of our questions, and was the utmost professional. This isn’t no mom and pop shop, though. They’ve been doing this 20+ years and the experience and expertise show.

Gino Delizo
Menifee Solar Customer

The entire ElectriCare team did a great job installing an 8.8KW roof system. I would highly recommend them especially if you live in Temecula or surrounding areas to support your local business.

Doug Beach
Menifee Solar Customer

My wife and I had been searching for a couple of years looking for the right solar company to do the work installing our system. The Market is flooded with contractors and suppliers eager for your business and narrowing it down took time and getting to know the products and the process to get the right system in place. After at least 7 quotes and getting through the learning curve on what questions to ask, we settled on ElectriCare. They were good listeners, answered questions with a minimum of sales tactics, and when the day came to start signing documents to move forward, there was no pressure. When the installation day came, Julio Sr., Julio Jr. and Mr. Allen Johnson politely listened to my concerns before starting to work on our property (I’m pretty picky about contractor’s work since I’m the in the trades myself). The final installation went smooth and quick and I have no complaints. In fact, I’m extremely happy with the final product given we were concerned how the system might affect the curb appeal of our home. All the work looks super clean as expected from a contractor who has installed many many systems. And, not only is the system going to save us money on our electricity bills for decades to come, it’s a statement to those who notice we’ve done something positive for the environment. We can recommend ElectriCare as a capable and honest Solar Installation company. Be sure to include them in your search if your are serious about going Solar. Doug B.

Winston C.

ElectriCare installed our home solar system in Temecula, last August. The duty of care, guidance and workmanship that they gave was top notch. They worked swiftly with the city planning dept and Edison and got us up an running within a month. We are extremely happy with the results! We are generating over 30 kilowatts per day and wonderful to see our electric bill in the negative balance! Thank you to everyone at Electricare you are the best.

Terry Flynn
Lake Elsinore solar and whole house fan customer.

So far so good. Electricare employees have been very responsive and cordial.
Their price vs. quality of materials is excellent. Their knowledge of the industry as it pertains to labor, materials, utility companies and government regulations is reassuring. A whole House fan and solar was installed today. Solar is waiting for regulatory approval before the SCE connection. The four guys and supervisors were great & the job was smooth and fast! Great team!

Follow-up: All of us are really loving the whole House fan. We are already saving electricity by not having the air conditioning on after 7:45 p.m. The outside is 70° right now, it feels like the air conditioning is on but it’s fresh nice Air instead! Even though there’s absolutely no wind out tonight, the fan is pulling all the cool air into our house and as a side benefit it is cooling our attic down also.
Also the garlic smell from my Chinese stir fry is gone. Thank you so much, Alex, Spencer, Rob, Julio, JR, Allen and Jared!

Kristian Ardelian
La Quinta solar customer

Loved that they showed up in a mask, as safety is number one right now. Everything was great from start to finish by ElectriCare’s team of professionals. I had installed two systems with them in the past 3 years on my other properties and this was by far the smoothest and most cost effective install yet. It’s been a long time since I had the urge to make a good comment on Yelp and this group of experts deserve it. Call them now! You won’t be disappointing and you will end up savings big $$$$$

Justin Pierce
Murrieta solar customer

Couldn’t be happier with my solar system. Aaron hooked it up. Everything he said he was going to do in his presentation was exactly what was done. No surprises. The process was fast and simple. From signing the contract my solar was up within 3 weeks. Install was on a Monday, county inspector was here Tuesday and I got my permission to operate by Friday. I was surprised how quick it was and I know that may not be normal but super happy either way. So far my Edison bill is -48kwh
After 3 weeks of operation. Thats even with cooling my house to 72 degrees. I would recommend Aaron and Electricare to anyone.

Bobby Genn
Hemet solar customer

Had my solar installed back in August. Eddie, Cindy, and the team were awesome. Not once did I feel pressured into doing anything, unlike other companies that come door to door. But once I committed, they were as prompt as can be(having to deal with Edison and the city of Hemet). Completed all the work and did a great job. I felt the cost was reasonable and the work was quality. Love having no electricity bill and my payment is set for the foreseeable future which was less than I was paying Edison, and I was able to run my A/C and electronics as I wanted!

Sarah Price
Wichester solar customer

Long story shot, we bought a house with paid off solar. Well, the solar wasn’t working and my husband contacted a few companies asking if they can come over and check it out for us. Everyone said no because it’s a liability. My husband went on the Nextdoor App asking if anyone knew of a company that could help. Someone reached out and recommended Electricare. My husband contacted the company and the owner himself, Alex, came out to our house 3 different times to see if his company can help out without charges us. Alex and Jared figured what happened to the solar, previous owner installation error with the inverter, and was able to get a new inverter under warranty and install it within a few weeks of contacting him. Alex and Jared have been amazing and I highly recommend his company. He is our solar guy and his company is amazing! Thank you Alex and Jared for solving our solar mystery.

Kathy K.
Mission Viejo whole house fan customer

This company stands out amongst the very best of the best. My first phone call asking questions regarding the Cool Quiet house fan was answered with professionalism and knowledge. A week later, I met with Aaron from Sales. He was honest, professional and very knowledgeable about the whole house fan and solar. It was these qualities that sold me on their fan/install. Today, I had my fan installed by three of their crew members: Paul, Aaron, and Julio. They were each respectful, knowledgeable and courteous throughout the 3 1/2 hour installation. I had one small issue with the install as someone forgot to plug in my air conditioner in the attic. I placed a call to Aaron S telling him my air conditioner was not working. Within minutes after hanging up with Aaron, I received a call from Allen, construction manager. He tried to trouble shoot the issue over the phone and then drove to my house from Moreno Valley (a 45-minute drive). Again, I found Allen to be extremely professional, as he apologized about the issue. He quickly climbed up into my attic and found the plug unplugged. After apologizing again, he headed back to Moreno Valley in Friday afternoon traffic. I am extremely impressed with this whole company. Each person must have been handpicked for their courteous and professional attitude. It is unusual to find such a customer-oriented company in today’s world.

Our team is ready to provide tailored solutions and address any inquiries you may have. Reach out to us today!
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