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Solar Operations & Maintenance Services

At ElectriCare, Inc., we understand that your solar investment deserves the best care for optimal performance. Our dedicated Operations and Maintenance (solar O&M) solutions ensure that your solar panels continue to generate clean, efficient energy for years to come.

Solar Operations and Maintenance

Scheduled inspections by our certified technicians guarantee the health of your solar infrastructure. We identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency.

We understand the critical role that inverters play in the performance and efficiency of solar energy systems. We offer comprehensive inverter repair and replacement, as well as micro inverter/optimizer replacement services to ensure continued operation.

Accurate metering is essential for monitoring energy production, assessing system performance, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. We offer specialized revenue grade meter services to provide precise measurement and reporting of energy generation data.

In the event of a malfunction, our rapid response team is ready to address and resolve issues promptly. Minimize downtime and ensure your solar investment consistently contributes to your energy needs.

Dust, debris, and weather can impact solar panel efficiency. Our cleaning services ensure your panels are free from obstructions, maximizing sunlight absorption and maintaining optimal energy production.

Every solar system is unique. Our O&M services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your installation, providing a personalized approach for optimal results.

Your Investment, Our Priority:

At ElectriCare, Inc., we take pride in providing comprehensive O&M solutions that protect your solar investment. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your solar panels operate efficiently, delivering the environmental and financial benefits you expect.

Contact us today to discuss how our Operations and Maintenance services can safeguard your solar infrastructure and maximize your clean energy production. Trust us for reliability, expertise, and a sustainable energy future.

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