A whole house fan might just be the best idea if you are looking for a good way to cool your home on a hot day. Your attic is responsible for your house overheating and your A/C over-consumption. While taking into consideration the idea of a whole-house fan, think about teaming up a QuietCool fan with solar energy. Not only will it make more sense, but it will save you both money and future troubles.

A whole house fan connected to a solar system is more environmentally friendly and in the long term it can yield savings up to 90% on your electric bill. This is because a large part of your electric bill is made up of air conditioning costs. If better alternatives are available, why not take advantage of them?

A solar powered whole house fan eliminates a number of risks:

  • since it doesn’t cost anything to operate once in place teamed up with solar, they practically run for free
  • they are very easy to maintain
  • they are very quite and unlike standard line-powered fans they actually reduce your electric bill.

By choosing a QuietCool whole house fan, you will be able to cool the temperature in your home by up to 30 degrees, as well as your attic by almost 50 degrees. It is a highly effective way to healthily refresh and ventilate your home by cycling in cool evening air.

Quiet Cool fans offer the guaranty that they are made in the USA and come with a full 15-year warranty. As an authorized QuietCool dealer, ElectriCare, Inc. stands at your disposal for any questions you might have.

Think about the long term implications of running your A/C. The investment seems smart if you consider the almost 90% savings on your electric bill and the hassle-free installation and convenience of a whole house fan. You will easily cool your home, breathe healthier air and will have a positive impact on the environment.

Solar with QuietCool