The benefits of switching over to LED lighting

The advantages of LED lighting have long been praised over conventional lighting. Indeed, when compared to other energy-saving illumination methods available, LED lighting is the most smart and reasonable solution.

Besides being energy efficient, LED lighting is also a clean and eco-friendly alternative which offers a multitude of benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of switching over to LED lighting:

It has a long lifetime. Standing out as the number one benefit of this type of lighting, LED bulbs and diodes have an impressive lifetime expectation of up to 11 years. It could take up to 20 years before you’d have to replace a LED bulb that you use 8 hours per day.

It is energy efficient. Because they consume considerably less power, LEDs have a higher rate of conversion that reaches up to 90%. Conventional bulbs operate at a 20% energy efficiency rate, meaning that 80% of the electricity is converted into heat, and not light. So, what LED lighting does, is it uses less energy to produce more light. In turn, this helps you dramatically reduce overall electricity costs.

It is ecologically friendly. Free of toxic chemicals, LED lights contain no dangerous materials and are 100% recyclable. The long operational life span saves a lot of material that is used in production and helps reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third per user. Seeing that the concern for a greener future is more and more evident, LED lighting might just be a small step in the right direction.

It is extremely durable. Less fragile than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, LEDs are not made of glass, or hollow on the inside. They have a higher resistance to shock, vibrations and external impacts and make for great outdoor lighting systems. They can successfully withstand wind, rain and are the perfect fit for freezer rooms or iceboxes.

LED lights provide instant lighting. When powered on, they brighten up immediately to ensure instant light and illumination. They can also be switched on and off frequently without it affecting the LED’s lifetime or light emission. The light emission or operational life expectancy aren’t diminished or negatively impacted.

LED lights can run on a low-voltage power supply. Even if you are using a low-voltage power supply, LEDs will run just as efficiently as on a high-voltage supply. This makes them perfect for outdoor settings. They also present a big advantage when used in remote or rural areas.

LED lighting presents a lot of benefits and advantages. It represents a small step onto the path of saving both the planet, and your money. They are much more energy efficient than conventional bulbs, have a longer lifetime expectancy and are extremely durable.