sonnenBatterie for a More Powerful Solar System

An elegant battery backup system, sonnenBatterie is an all-in-one solution compatible with all installed solar power systems.

Designed and made in Germany, sonnenBatterie is the perfect way to adjust the energy usage in your household. In conjunction with your solar system, the sonnenBatterie solution will enable you to supply your household with clean energy and will actively protect you against energy price hikes.

sonnenBatterie systems come in various sizes, from 4 kWh, 6kWh, 8kWh, etc. up to 16 kWh, depending on each client’s needs. These systems can also be combined to reach the maximum desired storage capacity.

At a reasonable price, the battery systems are made up of:

  1. Modules of 2kWh lithium-phosphate batteries – which bare a manufacturer life guarantee of up to 10 years or up to 10,000 cycles
  2. A built-in inverter – which is built to work with the grid power as well as with the DC power from the battery backup system
  3. A built-in 200-A automatic transfer switch – which, associated with the appropriate wiring and cabling makes it an easy-to-install solution for a trained specialist
  4. Web portal/app allows customers to monitor and manage power usage
  5. Smart plugs automatically turn on appliances with excess solar power

Because installing a battery in your basement to store the energy from your PV solar system is no longer economical at this point, it might be the right time to consider investing in sonnenBatterie.

The great thing about sonnenBatterie is that it operates intelligently by an algorithm that determines the best time to charge and the best time to supply. More so, it is able to detect power outages in real-time, rapidly switching your home to battery power, allowing continuous use of chosen electrical devices.

Opting for a sonnenBatterie system will allow you to store your solar electricity and use it later as needed. This way, you get the maximum from your installed solar panels while you efficiently control your main grid’s energy use.

The simple, yet elegant sonnenBatterie system is easily adaptable to an existing solar panel system and fit in with the decor of most homes. The unit’s cabinet is typically installed in close proximity to your inverter and service panel and is a complete system that brings together the best quality batteries, an efficient inverter and well-designed software that ensures smooth operation.