How a smart thermostat can save you money

Considering that about 50% of the money you spend on utility bills goes on heating and cooling your home, you might consider investing in a more efficient thermostat for your household.

Although you might shy away from upgrading to a programmable thermostat, understanding better how it works and how it can help you can simplify your decision.

A basic programmable “smart” thermostat will allow you to better program and control the heating and cooling systems. What you do is choose temperatures for certain times of the day or the week. From there, the thermostat will take care of the rest. It will turn your system on at the time you choose and adjust the temperature to a comfortable level. Basically, it will switch on and off when needed, depending on your needs and preferences. More complex designs offer increased flexibility and allow you to access it remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

A smart thermostat will save you money if you are the forgetful type who leaves the AC or heater running all day, even when you’re not at home.

A smart thermostat is much more than just a tool of convenience. The devices’ charm is enhanced by other benefits that it has to offer. The better control over scheduling, the ease of use, and the additional features such as alerts or on-unit outdoor temperature display make it a simple to use, money-saving tool in your home.

Such an appliance will basically serve as a reliable memory: it will stop cooling or heating an empty apartment and will make sure that the temperature level is comfortable when you arrive home.

Ultimately, a basic smart thermostat could save you up to 15% on your energy bills. More intricate models could save you up to 20% by means of running your HVAC system more efficiently. All this without compromising your overall comfort. Having such a thermostat will relieve the amount of stress you put on your heating and cooling system by constantly switching it on and off. In turn, this translates into a longer and more efficient lasting heating and cooling system.

A smart thermostat can really take the hassle out of adjusting the temperature and climate in your home.