Generation Meter Adaptor (GMA) – SCE

Southern California Edison (SCE) now offers the available option of a Generation Meter Adapter (GMAs) for customers that are eligible for their Net Energy Metering (NEM) program.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a special billing arrangement aimed to provide credit to customers with installed solar PV systems, for the value of electricity their solar systems generate. This billing is bi-directional, meaning that when energy is generated from the generation equipment, it is allowed back into the grid. Otherwise, on regular Domestic rate (non-NEM,) energy generated is not allowed back into the grid.

How it works: when your system generates more electricity than you use, surplus energy is exported to the electric utility grid.

Under the NEM program, the Generation Meter Adaptor is basically a Meter Socket Adapter that will allow interconnection of your solar system (replaces the line side tap) with your existing Main Service Panel, without the possible requirement of upgrading the MSP to the NEC requirements.

Net Energy Metering is the simplest way to optimize the return on investment on your solar system and can actively help you zero-out your bills while capturing energy that is both generated and consumed.

Here are some of the GMA benefits:

  1. it eliminates the need to make any active modifications to your meter panel;
  2. it reduces the overall cost and installation time of your renewable system.
  3. it represents a safer installation than traditional line-side taps and eliminates the need for other modifications to the existing service panel.

For an approved GMA you will need:

  1. a 120 or a 120/240-volt service panel that doesn’t exceed a 200-amp rating which meets utility service and the National Electrical Code standards;
  2. an overcurrent protective device that will be positioned 2′-3′ from the meter panel
  3. a single, visible-open and lockable AC disconnect that will be placed adjacent to the meter.

The installation of the approved GMA will be based on the active terms and conditions of the Interconnection Facilities Financing and Ownership Agreement (IFFOA). If, for any reason, the installation of the GMA fails, the IFFOA will be terminated and the equipment portion of the involved cost will be refunded.

If you have any questions about the Generation Meter Adapter or the Net Energy Metering don’t hesitate to give us a call at 951.696.9669! Our team is standing by to answer any questions or concerns you might have.