How to Reduce Your Energy Bills in Time for Summer

You might be glad that the colder season has ended; now it’s time to think how you’ll be able to save on energy bills. The truth of the matter is, during summertime, energy bills increase considerably. This is mostly due to people spending more time at home and the changes you make in order to stay cool. A reduction in energy bill costs during the summer is something that we all seek.

Consider the following:solar-energy-llight-bulb-1024x682

  1. Maintaining your air conditioning within normal parameters. You might think that you air conditioning unit needs little to no maintenance after being installed, but, in reality, your A/C System needs regular check-ups and maintenance in order to ensure smooth operation and avoid health problems such as difficulty breathing or allergies. In order to confirm that it isn’t a danger for your families health, clean or replace the intake air filters monthly. Also consider also turning on your fans – they use less energy to operate.
  2. Doing your laundry after 6:00 PM. Due to many utility companies charging higher rates during peak hours, you may be able to reduce your energy costs by up to half. Try washing with cold water instead of hot: the shorter cycle will take less time while consequently saving you money. Stop using heat to dry your laundry and try to air-dry them whenever possible.
  3. Turning off or unplugging your electronics. Most of the gadgets throughout your home consume energy even while turned off or in stand-by mode. This type of energy consumption is called phantom power and while you may think that it won’t affect your energy use, these devices have constant draws while plugged in. From your refrigerator, coffeemaker, dishwasher, microwave to your DVD/BlueRay Player, gaming console, computer, modem, printer to various phone and devices, these all consume energy even when they are not in use.
  4. Going solar. Going solar will significantly reduce your energy bills. There are many ways to go solar. The ultimate goal is to require less and less energy from your power company while generating clean, less expensive power through solar. Apart from saving money, you will also be saving the environment. By means of acquiring a solar system, you will considerably reduce your carbon footprint making a difference for generations to come.

Reducing energy bills should be something of concern to you. Even more so when your actions influence more than just your home and your health; the environment as well: by reducing harmful carbon emissions, you will feel healthier, lighter and richer in both money and well being.