Keep Selling and Let an Expert Installer Take Care of the Installation

Since 2000, ElectriCare, Inc. has devoted its time and resources to becoming a reliable solar integrator. The need for you to choose a modern company who can take care of the installation part and properly implement your project is essential to properly serving your customers.

When it comes to solar PV installations, you have to take into consideration all the factors that contribute to the success of the overall process. From the needed of technical expertise and qualifications to actually installing them and maintaining them in good working order. It might make sense for you to keep selling and let an expert installer take care of the installation.

From our experience in the market, we have discovered that sales companies fall under three large categories. Each category presents almost the same traits and challenges. The ultimate goal is achieving the much needed standard of quality, while assuring our clients that they made the right decision.

If you’re a start-up organization you might need:

An introduction: both to the solar market and to the appropriate technical expertise that is vital in the business;

Peace of mind: so you can concentrate on sales, and not necessarily on your installations;

Qualification: for the various and ever changing financing plans and permitting requirements;

A partner: who can carry the project to completion and offer guidance with the paperwork and permits.

If you’re an experienced sales organization you might need help with:

Increasing quality: you are looking for new ways to add value to your experience and be more detail-oriented;

Increasing speed: you don’t want your company’s growth to be hindered by the rate of your current installation crew;

Managing volume: you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed by your flourishing sales and consequently the installation pace.

If you are an experienced sales and installation organization you might look for:

Peace of mind: a partner with a clean reputation that will stand by you and represent your company correctly;

Growth: you are looking to expand beyond your current geographical installation area.

When it comes to choosing an expert installer to take care of the implementation of a solar system, we offer comprehensive and straightforward guidance. If our experience has taught us anything is that you can only succeed if you deliver precisely: on-time, with professionalism and respect. We take care of any issues that may arise so that you don’t have to. We offer you peace of mind while you get to focus on what’s more important to you and your company. Weigh the pros and cons and evaluate objectively if it would be better for you to handle selling and let an expert installer take care of the installation.

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