Installation of the Week: Solar System Showcase – Dana Point, CA

As intriguing as it may seem, people living by the California Coast have high electric bills too, despite lower usage of their air conditioning systems.

This week’s pick for our Solar System Showcase (SSS) is a system we installed in Dana Point, on a beautiful home that overlooks the ocean.

Particulars of the system:

  1. Average monthly electric bill with SDG&E before solar install: $228.46:
  2. Roof: flat roll-out comp, hot mopped;
  3. System Size: 5.886 kW DC ;
  4. Equipment: 18 EA SunPower SPR-E20-C-AC modules with built-in micro inverters (Equinox);
  5. Type of racking: tilt-up with roof attachments sealed with 5” Chemlink Curbs;
  6. Main service panel: 200A/240V, top fed;
  7. Expected yearly kWh energy production: 9023 kWh (98% solar offset);
  8. Payback time(estimated): 5 years and 11 months;
  9. Estimated home value appreciation: $55,178 based on 20 years x 1st year’s savings;
  10. Total accumulated savings over 25 years: $147,590;

Because solar system performance is particularly important at the properties located by the coast, due to frequent marine layers and salty humidity corrosion exposures, we recommended SunPower panels, which have a much higher overall output and work better in harsher conditions. The way SunPower builds their solar modules, takes the guess work out of high performance.

Watch a video about Sunpower here: