Install of the Week: Solar System Showcase – Murrieta, CA

Another beautiful SunPower solar system installation in Murrieta, CA.

This week’s pick for Solar System Showcase (SSS) is a SunPower lease system on a newer home.

Particulars of the system:

  1. Average monthly electric bill with SCE before solar install: $349:
  2. Roof: flat concrete tile;
  3. System Size: 7.848 kW DC ;
  4. Equipment: 24 EA SunPower SPR-E20-C-AC modules with built-in micro inverters (Equinox);
  5. Main service panel upgrade: 225A/240V, top fed – New (installed by ElectriCare, Inc.)
  6. Expected yearly kWh energy production: 12,907 kWh (87% solar offset);
  7. Down payment at installation completion: $0.00;
  8. Expected monthly savings: $88.00;
  9. Total accumulated savings over 25 years: $134,590;
  10. Additional energy saving equipment: 2 QuietCool whole house fans installed.

For this couple the most important thing was to save money on their electric bill, to lock in a fixed payment and to have the best, most reliable product out there.

After carefully studying their solar options with ElectriCare, Inc., they chose to go with a SunPower lease.

They locked in a fixed lease payment, which brought their electric usage into the first Tier. Now they have the peace of mind of the extended 25 years product and performance warranty.

Also, having two QuietCool fans installed, one in the central hallway of the house and one in the master bedroom, they will save significantly more by using their air conditioning system less on those hot California days.

What’s your choice? Cash purchase? Lease? Unsecured loan?

We offer them all, just give us a call to find out more. ElectriCare, Inc. 951.696.9669

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