How to Cool Your House while Saving Money on A/C


The overall statistics for A/C usage do not look good. In the U.S., A/C systems account for approximately 15% of total energy use and produce nearly 100 millions tons of CO2 emissions per year. More often than not, your A/C usage represents the largest portion of your electric bill. By looking for more eco-friendly alternatives you could save hundreds of dollars each month. Yes, you heard right: it is possible to cool your house while saving money on your A/C. The easiest and most affordable solution is a Quiet Cool whole house fan.

So how does a whole house fan work? When turned on, the fan pulls the cooler outdoor air through the windows and doors into your home and out into the attic through the attic vents, circulating and replacing the hot air in your home. By creating a powerful suction to pull air from all parts of your home it generates circulation and replacement of the inside hot air.

QuietCool offers one of the most efficient whole house fans on the market. You can use whole house fans regardless if you have A/C or not. Depending on a couple of factors like: climate, location, age, type of home and how much A/C you normally use, you could save up to 50-90% on your electric bill.

A QuietCool whole house fan has the ability to cool your home by up to 20 degrees while replacing the hot air in your home 15-50 times per our. When the outside temperature is cooler than the one inside you house, say in the morning, late afternoon, evening and night time, you can enjoy the benefits of a ducted whole house fan. Usually, your attic stores most of the heat throughout the day, and even though you are using a A/C system, it does little to help. The inside of your home may cool down, but, due to the fact that your attic is storing so much hot air, your A/C will have to continuously work hard to maintain the chosen temperature. A whole house fan will cool off your attic much faster than a typical attic fan and keep your home cool for a longer period of time sometimes without having to run your A/C system.

A Quiet Cool whole house fan is recommended for both multi-story and single-level homes. Certain regions of the country, the hotel ones, have better feasibility for a whole house fan cooling than others. That’s why is important to take into consideration these factors, before deciding to buy one.

You may have grown accustomed with using A/C but that doesn’t mean you don’t have alternatives. These alternatives represent healthier substitutes for both the environment and your health. An A/C system might cost dollars an hour to run, whereas a QuietCool whole house fan costs pennies per hour to operate.


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Home cooling can be one of your struggles during summer. But you can solve it with these tips. Save your budget from too much expenses on A/C with this helpful article.

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