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5 SIMPLE Steps to go solar

Below, you’ll find the 5 steps to go solar process. Most people don’t know what to expect when considering going solar. We would like to do away with the confusion and briefly explain the post-sale solar process.

5 simple steps to go solar

Step 1 – Initial Site Visit

The post-sale, Site Visit is a data-gathering appointment, where a solar company Site Visit Pro is sent to your residence to collect relevant data for your upcoming solar installation. At this time, important data and photos related to your home are collected. Information such as installation area conditions, measurements, electrical panel specifications, shading analysis, and property access are among the few pieces of information collected.

Step 2 – System Design

The design portion of the process transfers the information collected at the Site Visit into a set of permit-ready plans. The plan set is specific to your particular residence and contains information such as installation specifics, calculations required by the Building & Safety departments, equipment specifications, data-sheets, detailed drawings showing exactly how & where the solar system will be installed, and signage information. This permit set is then submitted for review by your municipality.

Step 3 – Permit Approval

In the permitting phase of the project, we work closely with your municipality to ensure they receive all necessary building permits. ElectriCare staff works behind the scenes with the Fire, Planing, and Building & Safety Departments to receive approval for your solar system and makes sure all questions and concerns they might have are addressed.

Step 4 – System Installation

The time most customers wait for is installation. The installation teams complete this step of the process per the approved plan set. At this time, the electrical portion of the system is also connected. The installation typically takes one day. In some cases, depending on the complexity of your solar installation, it may take longer. Once the installation is complete, your system remains in the OFF position.

Step 5 – Municipality Inspection

At the time of inspection, a solar company representative typically meets the Building & Safety inspector on-site and walks them through the installation. Once the inspector inspects the system and compares it to the approved plan set, they issue a final sign-off. Once the permit is signed off, the final utility interconnection paperwork is then addressed by our office staff. After approval from your utility is received, your solar system is then turned on.


While this process briefly explains the overall steps to go solar, please keep in mind that many things happen, behind the scenes, between these steps. We do everything possible to move projects forward, in a timely manner. While some delays might be caused by third parties, we do everything we can to mitigate them as much as possible.